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A panel of three experts, all of whom hold a doctoral degree from recognized universities or other academic research institutions appointed by EAMCS, for the purpose, will evaluate all written essays, assignments and dissertations and credit points will be issued by EAMCS based on their evaluation.


The oral examination (Viva-voce) by the panel of experts is designed to explore the student’s ability to conduct a research project independently.

At least three copies of the dissertation must be submitted to EAMCS four weeks before the final Oral Examination.

The place of the Oral Examination will be decided by mutual consent of EAMCS and the student. The student will have to bear the cost of arrangement of the Oral Examination, such as travelling and accommodation of the panel of experts for the Oral Examination.

The committee of experts will declare the result of the Oral Examination (Viva-voce) at the end of the Oral Examination, and the student’s credit points and a copy of the approved dissertation will be forwarded to Adam Smith University for the award of the Degree and final Academic Transcript, subject to payment in full the Convocation Fee of the University and all other fees in India.