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Adam Smith University MBA and DBA programs are being offered by EAMCS for the benefit of students who cannot afford to pursue a residential or distance learning course abroad; and who would like to acquire degrees of international validity for seeking job opportunities within India and abroad.

The courses may be pursued within a cost-controlled budget without residency requirements abroad. EAMCS has an open admission policy and meticulously avoids any quota system for accepting students. EAMCS does not accept any donations or levy capitation fees from the students. EAMCS assumes that all persons have an equal right to pursue further studies to the fullest capacity of the individual capacity.


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program of Adam Smith University is open to persons who hold an MBA Degree or any other master’s degree in business or business related area from a recognised Indian or International University or Institute with at least 50% marks at the B grade or higher, and ordinarily, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0, at the master’s level.


Minimum: Two Years.
Maximum: Three Years.

In cases of students with advanced work experience (minimum five years) or having published research work of repute to their credit, the minimum duration of the course can be shortened with the advance permission of the Director, EAMCS.


The student is essentially required to study for the program through independent study under the guidance of a qualified Ph. D. or DBA Mentor/Research Guide appointed by EAMCS in consultation with the DBA student.


The Doctor of Business Administration Program of Adam Smith University of America offered in association with EAMCS in India is divided into three modules:

  1. Foundation Module
  2. The elective (specialization) module
  3. Submission of a Dissertation in the area of specialization and Viva-Voce examination

Module 1 :

Student is required to write a full-length essay/article on current topic from any of the fields: Business/Economics/Finance/Industry/Health Care/Non-Profit Management etc. He will demonstrate adequate knowledge of the subject, research methodology, quantitative techniques, and computer and information technology through his essay.

The student has to submit the essay to EAMCS for assessment. On successful completion of Module 1, the student will be allowed to go to Module 2.

Module 2 :

Student will have to present a Research Project on any of the following electives:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Health Care Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Marketing
  6. Non-Profit Management
  7. General Business Administration
  8. Management of New Enterprises
  9. Information Technology Management
  10. Other fields of expertise with advance permission of Adam Smith University after recommendation of the Director of EAMCS

The Expert Committee will make a thorough assessment of the Research Project. Only those students whose Research Project is satisfactory will be allowed to study for Module 3.

Module 3 :

The student will have to submit an in-depth dissertation in the form of a Doctoral Dissertation in the subject of his specialization, in accordance with the research guide appointed for the purpose by EAMCS.

The student will be required to attend an Oral Examination (Viva-voce) to defend his dissertation.